"Dogurala" do 100 kilograma, a sada ne može da se odbrani od udvarača

Sa svega 24 godine Šarlot Mears je jednog dana dogurala do 95 kilograma. Vaga se tu nije zaustavila, a njen najveći propust bio je što oje preskakala treninge i povremeno je "svraćala" na brze obroke.

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"Bila mi je muka da se osećam debelo i bolesno, pa sam pogledala priče devojaka sa Instagrama koje su smršale. To me je motivisalo. Znam da ljudi pričaju da treba biti srećan bez obzira na kilažu, ali ja nisam bila. Uživala sam u kineskoj hrani, kući sam takođe jela nezdrave stvari i uopšte nisam trenirala", kaže Šarlot.

Haven't done one of these in a while, or at least a clothed one anyway 😆 if you're having an off plan weekend, try not to stress, today/tomorrow is a new day and another chance to get back on track. The difference between my mentality in these 2 photos is that in the first one at 5 stone heavier, an off plan day turned into an off plan week, then a couple of hours of starvation before throwing the towel in and starting again tomorrow, the cycle was never ending. I'd always think tomorrow was going to be the day that I'd change my life so I will just have one more binge today, eat anything and everything as I won't be eating it ever again. That thought alone of having to eat it all in one go because I could never have it again once the 'diet' started put food in a very negative light for me and psychologically did me no favours. I had to retrain my brain that food was fuel, and food provides you with nutrients. Slimming world allowed me to do that and made me realise that weight loss is not an overnight thing, as cliche as it sounds it is a journey, and a long one too. The sooner you accept that, the sooner it will turn into an easier process. If you set yourself a goal of one year to change your life and become a healthier you, you have far more chance of succeeding rather than saying you're going to weigh 'x' amount by September. Yes it is going to take time but this time is going to pass anyway. Buy yourself some healthy food today, go for a walk, look at some new work out gear online, have a little pamper session, paint your nails, do something that draws your attention away from junk food, there was a point in my life where junk food was the centre point and to be honest with you that is quite sad for a young girl, now I've realised there is so much more to life to be enjoyed and I am finally living it like I should be. We are all capable of this 😊 have a happy, productive Sunday 😘 now go and plan your week! Xx

Објава коју дели Charlotte 👑 (@cm148) дана

I onda je krenula njena borba sa kilogramima. Danas je ona jedna od devojaka koje takođe motivišu ostale da počnu da se hrane i žive zdravo. Ima 57 kilograma, zdravo se hrani i vježba i pije pet litara vode. Sve je popularnija na Instagramu gde često postavlja svoje fotografije iz "debele faze" da bi ohrabrila mlade devojke na trening i ishranu koja će ih potpuno promeniti.

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